New Reverse Harem Book Project

Ever since I started generating ideas for books, it's been a passion project of mine to write a book—or create a fictional series—about the exciting world of pinball competition. (Hey, it's exciting to me!) The opportunity suddenly presented itself this year when I started brainstorming for a new reverse harem book series. Once I threw my character into an apocalyptic world, I engineered a way to throw what I loved into the story.

Want to hear a little bit about The Arcade at the End of World?

May Gavin is the #2 best pinball player in the United States. (Yes, this is a thing.) But not for long. She goes up against the #1 player and kicks his ass while they are playing one of her least favorite games—The Bride of Pinbot.

When Oscar—the current #1 player—loses, she suddenly gains local notoriety as now being the #1 pinball player in the United States. Her next challenge? Beating the world champion in an internationally renowned pinball tournament at a local arcade.

That is, until the world gets taken over by aliens who start kidnapping all the women on Earth, taking them as brides on their home planet. Now, she's the only woman left on Earth, and she must fight her way to the tournament anyway because she's challenged the alien warrior queen to a pinball game to determine her fate.

And in a new world where all the women have disappeared, May can have her pick of the men fighting for her attention. But why does she need to choose?

The Love Interests

Xavier "X" Mason

May has had a crush on X for a while—out of pure lust because he is just her physical type . . . nerdy, gothic, and a pinball wizard. But she's never explored her steamy feelings for him because she simply doesn't want to complicate her life with relationships. But after winning her game against Oscar, she gives into temptation and goes after a physical relationship with him—finally.

Erick Brown

Erick is her ex-boyfriend who is still in love with her, and they still have unfinished business to explore. The kicker? He's also X's roommate, so everything starts to get a bit complicated, especially when jealousy rears its ugly head.

Dontavius "Dante" Jones

Dante has something May wants: the Attack from Mars pinball machine. Oh, and his body, but she's been able to resist temptation so far. That is, until he's offered time on his machine at home to practice on in exchange for a date. She reluctantly agrees to his proposition, and things get heated from there.

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